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Pool Renovations

Pool Renovations | Restorations | Remodeling | Upgrading | Updating

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Renovating Your Pool With CFV

The time has finally come… your pool needs some work, but you don’t know what is necessary for your pool to function properly or don’t know all the options out there to enhance your pool to the fullest. We understand that renovating your pool is a big decision and a confusing process at times. 

With CFV Contracting, we are here to breakdown every last detail in a timeline fashion. From the initial estimate until your pool gets filled in with water again, we are here to simplify the process as much as we can, whether you choose CFV for your project or not. 

What Our Process Looks Like

Don’t know where to start or what you need before starting? Let us help! From the initial call until the final walkthrough, CFV is here to take you through the entire process to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Step 1. Initial Call & Scheduling an Estimate
    • Tell us about your project, tell us what you’ve heard, what you’re looking for, ask us any questions and what time/day works for you to have us to come out for an estimate, etc.
  • Step 2. The Estimate
    • Estimates are one of the most important aspects of our process. We make sure to provide you with the best possible information and advice. After answering all your questions and requests, we will take our measurements and your information to provide you with the best possible proposal.
  • Step 3. Sending out Proposal/Quote
    • Within a couple days you’ll receive an email with a proposal on your project with a price/quote. 90% of the time, our price remain exactly the same until the end!
  • Step 4. Follow Up/Decision
    • You take your time to read over the entire proposal, and get back to us with any questions, comments, or decisions.
  • Step 5. Tile/Coping/Color/Pattern Selection
    • You chose us for you project! Now comes the Finish Selection phase, during this phase we will show you all the Tile, Coping, Finish, Concrete Options, and accessories you are under contract for.
  • Step 6. Contract Signing
    • We sign a contract agreeing upon what’s in the proposal and a deposit is made.
  • Step 7. Start Date
    • A start date is agreed upon and scheduled.
  • Step 8. Remove Water From Pool
    • If necessary, CFV will send our crews to remove the water from you pool into a drainage system. In this phase we will carefully secure the pool to ensure that it will be safe without the water in it.
  • Step 9. Excavation/Demolition
    • First things first is removing any old existing hardscaping, sandblasting, old tile/coping. We will remove the debris from you property and prepare everything for the following steps.
  • Step 10. Check Plumbing/ Electrical/ Underground Work
    • Right before we apply any finish work, we will have to check any underground utility work to make sure that everything is safe for us to continue.
  • Step 11. Tile/Coping
    • After double checking that the Tile/ Coping pieces are the ones you selected, we will apply and secure the masonry to the perimeter of your pool/spa.
  • Step 12. Pouring Concrete
    • During this step, we may have everything prepped ahead of time or we will form/prep & pour in one day! This may depend on the size of the project. CFV has the experienced man power to ensure that this process is a one day process.
  • Step 13. Final Touches/Sealing/Clean Up
    • Applying the sealer, doing any touch ups, and cleaning up the construction site.
  • Step 14. Fill in Pool with Water
    • After all the finish work is complete & the plumbing is ready to go, we finally add back the water! Whether we fill it up with a hose or order a pool water delivery, CFV will recommend what is the best/safe and economical decision.
  • Step 15. Final Site Visit/Follow Up
    • Making sure everything is done to our standards and that we’re both happy with the results.

Ready to Get Started?

Give us a call at 215-350-5131 or use the form below to get in touch with us